2 thoughts on “Scadding House beside the Eaton Centre

  1. Hello Doug: I remember this house very well. I attended this church as I was growing up and was christened at its font in 19445 along with my baby brother. I played a part in The Christmas Story each year from 1950 until 1955. First as an attendant tot he White King, then as an angel up to the part of the older angels who held a trumpet. I remember the cold hallways and waiting quietly to go onstage for the performances. And who could forget the smell of greasepaint, and Ponds cold cream we used to remove our makeup in the vestry of the church. At that time, Reverend Frank and his family lived in the building called Scadding House, and I used to go there sometimes to play with their children. There was a lovely grass area surrounding the Scadding House with a picket fence surrounding the grassy area. When I visited this area in 1980s I was surprised at the changes, and did not recall the house being in the position it now sits. Also the church pews were all gone, which was another surprise and disappointment – as I was also married by Canon Frank in this same church in 1961.

    1. Mavis
      I sorry to inform you that Doug passed away this past Monday July 27th. I will maintain his site until I can find a permanent home for all his material . I will continue to approve comments because those are what make his site so informative and robust. I will keep this email address and continue to keep his fan base informed.
      My condolences to all those who will miss his blogs, myself included.
      Valerie Eggertson, neighbour

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