Need a break from health oriented, feel-good stories – read a chilling murder mystery set in 1950s Toronto


A recent article in the Life Section of the “The Globe and Mail” advised, “Take a break from crime thrillers: read one of the top 5 compelling health and medicine tales of 2011.”

I shudder to think of the horrors of such books. Books about health invariably preach ideas that I already embrace, or attempt to push me to observe healthy habits that I have no desire to practise. Give me a crime thriller any day. The activities of the villains I am not expected to copy. The sheer escapism of a crime thriller is good for my health, as they allow me to ignore life’s daily problems, which seem insignificant compared to coping with a serial killer. 

The recently published book “The Reluctant Virgin,” is as far fetched as possible from my own life, as I was never reluctant.  The novel is a tale of a demented serial killer that stalks the streets and byways of Toronto during the staid old days of the 1950s. It begs a reader to slip between its pages and leave the world of reality behind. However, as the crimes scenes and locales that the murderer haunts will be familiar to anyone who knows Toronto well, the story will appear to be more realistic than one might wish. Adding to the horror is the fact that the blood is missing from the bodies of the victims.

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