Murder/mystery fans – try to find the murderer before the book ends


The recently published book “The Reluctant Virgin” is a classic murder/mystery. The plots twists and turns as the complicate plot unfolds. To date, no one has communicated to the author that they guessed the identity of the killer prior to the ending of the book.

The background of the story is 1950s Toronto. Those who enjoy murder/mysteries may find it challenging to uncover the sadistic murderer that drains the blood from the victims. 

The second book in the Toronto Trilogy continues where the first book ended.

The first two books of “The Toronto Trilogy” are available by following the links:

Arse Over Teakettle:

The Reluctant Virgin :

The book “The Reluctant Virgin”is also available at any Chapters/Indigo store.

To view the author’s Home Page:

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