Photos from a 1953 Coronation collection

The photos on this post are from a collection that I compiled during Coronation year, although I included one from the 1951 Royal Tour. They have been in a cardboard box at the bottom of a cupboard for almost 60 years. Some of them are from the Toronto Star, as well as from other newspapers and government sources. I have not looked at them for many years, but this year’s Diamond Jubilee prompted me to open the box and look at them once more. For those who remember the event, I hope they may evoke a few fond memories.

DSCN7395   DSCN7396

               Covers of British magazines from Coronation Year.


                     Cover from the Telegram Newspaper


         Photo distributed by the Government of Ontario


Photo provided as an insert into all June 2nd copies of the Toronto Star


The front of the envelope that contained the photo inserts for the Star. The instructions are for the newspaper boys.


This cover of Life magazine is from 1951 Royal Tour of Canada that included a visit to Washington D.C.

DSCN7400  DSCN7407

Covers of the Star Weekly, a magazine-style insert that arrived with the Star on Saturdays for the price of an extra 10 cents.

DSCN7411   DSCN7408

               Star Weekly covers of the Queen and Princess Margaret

I have spent much of my adult life researching and photographing Toronto. I love the city and enjoy exploring it through my writing. One of the books, “The Villages Within”, was nominated for the Toronto Heritage Awards. The murder/mystery “The Reluctant Virgin” includes Coronation events in the city as the story takes place in Toronto during the 1950s.  If interested in novels with a Toronto setting, descriptions of the books are available by following the link:

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