The Leslieville Cheese Shop at 541 Queen West is gone forever

I passed by the Leslieville Cheese Shop this week and noticed that the premises are “For Lease.” A sign in the window stated, “We are gone forever. However, our store in the Donlands is flourishing, at least until they open a Loblaws in that area too.” Most of us who live in the neighbourhood were pleased when the new Loblaws opened at Queen and Portland Streets. However, it is sad that the cheese shop became a casualty of the supermarket.

Toronto’s  downtown is changing rapidly, with building cranes littered throughout the area. The Queen/Spadina District is particularly in transition. In the nearby Kensington Market, new stores are opening, most of them up-scale. Some are pleased with the changes, but the Kensington Market is losing its European atmosphere. Personally, I hope that Queen West, between Spadina and Bathurst, does fall prey to the American chain stores, such as has happened east of Spadina. If I wish to shop at those stores, I can always walk over the the Eaton’s Centre. 

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