Favourite cartoons of Rob Ford (2013)

It’s difficult to believe how much ink Rob Ford has provided for the pens of the cartoonists. The examples below are from the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. Although they are highly amusing, it is also sad to see the elected mayor of the city being lampooned to this degree.

G & M March 2013

From the Globe and Mail, March 2013. It is my favourite

Globe 2012

                            The Globe and Mail

4 Sept. 2013  DSCN0972

Toronto Star, September 4, 2013


Toronto Star


Toronto Star

June 26, 2013

The Toronto Star

June 2013

Toronto Star, June 2013

Nov. 2013-Ford video scandel DSCN3747

Toronto Star


Toronto Star (This cartoon hurts)

June 2013  (15)

Toronto Star, June 2013


Toronto Star

Tor. Star, Oct 10, 2013

Toronto Star, October 10, 2013

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