Toronto newspaper headlines of the 1980s

The 1980s was dominated events such as Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, the patriation of the Canadian Constitution, Toronto’s 150th birthday, Canada becomes 120 years old, and the end of the Pierre Trudeau years. As well, the world was shocked by the assassination of two political leaders. 

                         67.  June 29, 1981

                                           The Toronto Sun, June 29, 1981

68.  Oct. 6, 1981

                                     Toronto Star, October 6, 1981.

68a. April 16, 1982

                                                     Toronto Star, April 16, 1982

68b.  .  April 18, 1982

                                            Toronto Star, April 18, 1982.

69.  April 18, 1982   2

                                      Toronto Star, April 18, 1982.

73.  March 1, 1984

                                 Toronto Star, March 1, 1984.

73a. March 1, 1984

                                   Toronto Star, March 1, 1984.

74.  March 6, 1984

                               Toronto Star, March 6, 1984.

75.  Oct. 31, 1984

                                     Toronto Star, October 31, 1984.

76.  Nov. 1, 1984

                               Toronto Star, November 1, 1984.

77.   July 2, 1987

                                       Toronto Star, July 2, 1987.

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Recent publication entitled “Toronto’s Theatres and the Golden Age of the Silver Screen,” by the author of this blog. The publication explores 50 of Toronto’s old theatres and contains over 80 archival photographs of the facades, marquees and interiors of the theatres. It relates anecdotes and stories of the author and others who experienced these grand old movie houses.  


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Theatres Included in the Book:

Chapter One – The Early Years—Nickelodeons and the First Theatres in Toronto

Theatorium (Red Mill) Theatre—Toronto’s First Movie Experience and First Permanent Movie Theatre, Auditorium (Avenue, PIckford), Colonial Theatre (the Bay), the Photodrome, Revue Theatre, Picture Palace (Royal George), Big Nickel (National, Rio), Madison Theatre (Midtown, Capri, Eden, Bloor Cinema, Bloor Street Hot Docs), Theatre Without a Name (Pastime, Prince Edward, Fox)

Chapter Two – The Great Movie Palaces – The End of the Nickelodeons

Loew’s Yonge Street (Elgin/Winter Garden), Shea’s Hippodrome, The Allen (Tivoli), Pantages (Imperial, Imperial Six, Ed Mirvish), Loew’s Uptown

Chapter Three – Smaller Theatres in the pre-1920s and 1920s

 Oakwood, Broadway, Carlton on Parliament Street, Victory on Yonge Street (Embassy, Astor, Showcase, Federal, New Yorker, Panasonic), Allan’s Danforth (Century, Titania, Music Hall), Parkdale, Alhambra (Baronet, Eve), St. Clair, Standard (Strand, Victory, Golden Harvest), Palace, Bedford (Park), Hudson (Mount Pleasant), Belsize (Crest, Regent), Runnymede

Chapter Four – Theatres During the 1930s, the Great Depression

Grant ,Hollywood, Oriole (Cinema, International Cinema), Eglinton, Casino, Radio City, Paramount, Scarboro, Paradise (Eve’s Paradise), State (Bloordale), Colony, Bellevue (Lux, Elektra, Lido), Kingsway, Pylon (Royal, Golden Princess), Metro

Chapter Five – Theatres in the 1940s – The Second World War and the Post-War Years

University, Odeon Fairlawn, Vaughan, Odeon Danforth, Glendale, Odeon Hyland, Nortown, Willow, Downtown, Odeon Carlton, Donlands, Biltmore, Odeon Humber, Town Cinema

Chapter Six – The 1950s Theatres

Savoy (Coronet), Westwood

Chapter Seven – Cineplex and Multi-screen Complexes

Cineplex Eaton Centre, Cineplex Odeon Varsity, Scotiabank Cineplex, Dundas Square Cineplex, The Bell Lightbox (TIFF)

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