Arse Over Teakettle


Arse Over Teakettle



“Arse Over Teakettle” is an intriguing tale of Tom Hudson’s boyhood in Toronto during the 1940s. He and his mischievous friend, Shorty, encounter eccentric characters such as Grumpy, an unconventional older man in the neighbourhood, and their fierce neighbour, Mrs. Leyer. Their confrontations with the Kramer gang are sometimes painful and at other times hilarious. As Tom and his friends become sexually aware, amusing situations develop. Shorty constantly pushes Tom to explore beyond the secure boundaries of childhood, into the world of the “big boys.”

An intimate and heartfelt tale of family life in Toronto, “Arse over Teakettle” is set during the decade when the city is transforming from a parochial city into a cosmopolitan urban centre. In Tom’s neighbourhood, difficulties arise as he confronts ethnic and religious prejudice, which wounds his boyhood friends.

The 524-page book contains over 70 photographs of Toronto during the 1940s and early-1950s.


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“Arse Over Teakettle” was conceptualized as part 1 of 3 books collectively named the Toronto Trilogy, the second being “The Reluctant Virgin” and the last planned as “Virgins No More”.  Unfortunately part 3 was not finished before the author’s passing in 2020.

The Reluctant Virgin” continues the story of the same characters introduced in “Arse Over Teakettle”.

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