05 Aug

While temperatures in Newfoundland, Vancouver and Victoria have been unseasonably cool, Toronto has been enjoying a glorious summer heat wave. Some complain about the heat, but I am among those who are thoroughly loving it. The beaches of the city are clean for swimming. Sailboats crowd the harbour and the ferries to the Islands are packed. After dark, especially on weekends, the streets teem with activity. The pubs and cafes are noisy and full of joyous celebrants.

These photos were taken on a week night, when crowds were less, but the mood was charged with enthusiasm for a good old-fashioned Toronto summer. Our summers are too short, and every hot evening is to be enjoyed to the fullest.


   Queen and Spadina, looking north from south of Dundas Street


                  AGO from the north side of Dundas Street

DSCN1137     DSCN1135 

                                   Toronto City Hall


                                       City Hall Square


          The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

DSCN1142   DSCN1145

  Campbell House on Queen  St.              Jazz at the Rex Hotel


            Duncan Street, looking south from Queen Street

DSCN1149   DSCN1147

           Patio at the Black Bull                    Crepes anyone?


     Late-night coffee and good bye at Queen and John Streets.


For further information on the heat wave of 1936 and how Toronto coped without air-conditioning:

Books about Toronto and its history:

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