My visit to the CNE this year was enjoyable, though I was aware that it has changed greatly since the days of my youth. In previous years ,I entered the CNE grounds from the Eastern Gate, travelling on the Bathurst streetcar. This year I entered via the Princes’ Gates as I wanted to photograph the magnificent structures. It is no longer possible to enter the grounds via the Dufferin Gate, as that area is fenced off and is no longer part of the CNE grounds.

DSCN1629  DSCN1630

                                       THE Princes’ Gates

Designed by the architectural firm of Chapman and Oxley, they were opened by Prince Edward, the Prince of Wales, in 1927.

DSCN1636  DSCN1641

                                                The Automotive Building

Inside the grounds, on my left was the Automotive building. Designed by the architect Douglas Kertland in 1929, for years it showcased new cars and trucks. The building is now the Allstream Centre, and is employed for other purposes. Its design is a blend of modern and classical styles, and its detailing is superb.

DSCN1661   DSCN1663

                                            The Direct Energy Centre

To the right as I strolled westward, was the Direct Energy Centre, previously the National Trade Centre. Other than BMO Stadium, it is the newest building at the CNE. It contains a million square feet of display area, and is the largest convention centre in Canada. It is a stunningly beautiful building.

DSCN1666  DSCN1667

                              Displays in the Direct Energy Centre.

Even thought the stalls inside the Direct Energy Centre are from different countries, I think it is a glorified flea market. However, I admit that is is popular with shoppers.

DSCN1653  DSCN1655                                           

DSCN1657  DSCN1656

        Many of the colourful food stands have been the CNE for years.

DSCN1705  DSCN1708

DSCN1719  DSCN1718

                                                                       Midway Rides

Though it was only 11 am, the midway was already springing to life. Teenagers and youngers were having as much fun as ever, thoroughly enjoying the last days of summer before the rigors of the new school year descend.

DSCN1725  DSCN1728

                                            The Food Products Building

The Food Building, constructed in 1954 to replace the previous building from 1921, is as wondrously tacky and gut-wrenchingly gastronomic as ever. I thoroughly enjoyed consuming foods that the rest of the year I avoid for health reasons. After all, I was at the Ex.

Next post will continue to tour the 2011 CNE.

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