Newly published murder mystery features two unusual detectives attempting to catch a serial killer


The title of the newly published murder/mystery “The Reluctant Virgin” may sound like a biblical tale similar to the parable of “The Wise and Foolish Virgins.” However, the chilling story of a serial killer who haunts the streets of 1950s Toronto bears no resemblance to a morality tale. The demented killer drains the blood from the victims, the reason for the weird ritual totally baffling the police.

The personalities of the two detectives assigned to the case are essential to the plot. They possess contrasting personalities that sometimes create amusing situations. However, their unusual methods of solving crimes complement each other. The identity of the murderer is well disguised, challenging the reader to guess the identity of the killer in advance of the two detectives. This novel should appeal to anyone who enjoys a “who-done-it.” The plot twists and turns in many directions before the vicious killer is finally revealed.

The book may be purchased directly from the Chapters/Indigo Book Store at John and Richmond Streets in Toronto. It may also be ordered from the publisher in both electronic and paper editions. Following the link:

To access the author’s Home Page :

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