Psychological murder thriller has a spectacular climax

The plot of the recently published murder/mystery “The Reluctant Virgin” involves many psychological issues as the police attempt to solve a series of brutal murders. They are not aware that all the victims were murdered by the same killer. The story becomes very convoluted as the identity of the killer could be anyone. Readers may enjoy sifting through the many clues as they try to discover who committed the crimes. As usual, the killer is in plain view yet deeply hidden within the distracting details.

Readers who know the city of Toronto will be familiar with the crime scenes. The most graphic of the murders occurs in Earlscourt Park in the city’s west end. The diverse characters in the story include a prudish detective who becomes involved romantically with a worker in the sex trade.

The author has received much feedback about the novel, but so far no one has indicated that they identified the murderer prior to the end of the book. If you are able to do so, please notify the author as he is anxious to know who will be the first to guess the ending of the tale.

The book may be purchased in soft cover or electronic editions. The electronic edition is less that $4. Follow the link:

Author’s Home Page:

Authors can be contacted at: [email protected]

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