Enjoy solving a murder/mystery?

The recently published murder/mystery “The Reluctant Virgin” by Doug Taylor contains a convoluted plot that seems to baffle even the most experienced readers of thrillers. It is the tale of a killer who murders victims in remote locations, and in some sort of unknown ritual, drains blood from their bodies. The police are baffled. Because the killer disguises the methods employed to dispatch the victims, the police are not aware that they are seeking a serial killer.

Readers who know Toronto will be familiar with the crime scenes – The Humber Valley, the Rosedale Ravine, Centre Island, High Park etc. The most brutal of the murders occurs in Earlscourt Park near St. Clair Avenue and Caledonia Road.

The author has received much feedback about the novel, but so far no one has indicated that they identified the murderer prior to the end of the book. If you are able to do so, please notify the author as he is anxious to know who will be the first to guess the ending of the tale.

The book may be purchased in soft cover or electronic editions. The electronic edition is less that $4. Follow the link: 


Author’s Home Page: https://tayloronhistory.com/

Authors can be contacted at: [email protected]

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