Is there a serial killer loose on the streets of Toronto ?

Yes! A serial killer roams the streets and ravines of Toronto in the murder/mystery “The Reluctant Virgin” by Doug Taylor. It is the second book in the “Toronto Trilogy.” In this spicy tale, the killer remains undetected by the police as the individual murders appear unrelated. The two detectives assigned to the investigations do not suspect that the same killer is involved. The victims have been sexually violated and a large amount of blood removed from their bodies in what appears to be some sort of ritual. By modern standards, the language employed in the novel and the details of the individuals killings are not graphic, but readers who shy away from these being included in a story should perhaps not read this book.

Though the novel is available at any Chapters/Indigo store, and can be ordered on-line through the Chapters/Indigo and websites, the 500-page novel is available electronically for a price of $3.99. It can be downloaded onto Kobo or other e-readers for this price.

The book has been available now for several months, and so far, all the feedback received by the author indicates that no one has identified the murderer before the conclusion of the book.

If you successfully identify the killer before the end of the book, the author would greatly appreciate being informed. The sequel of the book is presently being written, and any feedback would assist in obscuring the identity of the killer in the new novel.

The book may be purchased in soft cover or electronic edition by following the link:

Author’s Home Page:

Authors can be contacted at: [email protected]

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