A photo of the “popcorn man” of downtown Toronto in the 1970s?

The photo below, taken in the 1970s, is of the popcorn man on Yonge Street. However, his usual haunt was on Queen Street, his cart located on the north sidewalk where people crossed  the street between the Eaton’s and Simpson’s Stores. When visiting downtown Toronto, he was a familiar part of the scene, in the heat of summer or the frigid days of winter. I don’t know when he disappeared from the street. I only know that on one of my trips the Eaton’s Store, he was no longer there.


I have spent much of my adult life researching and photographing Toronto. I love the city. It has provided the background for my books, one of which, “The Villages Within”, was nominated for the Toronto Heritage Awards. If interested in novels with a Toronto setting, descriptions of the books are available by following the link: https://tayloronhistory.com/2012/03/22/toronto-author-publishes-seventh-novel/

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