Automobile-free Sundays in the Kensington Market

During the summer months, on the Sundays when automobiles are banned from the Kensington Market, the district changes from a European-style market into a street carnival. Food stands, buskers, and kiosks appear on roadways usually reserved for cars. People descend on the streets to enjoy the sights, sample the foods, and shop without having to worry about the traffic.

I shop in the market almost every day, and I am familiar with the shops and streets, but on car-free days I view the market through new eyes. Sitting in one of the cafes to enjoy a coffee takes on new dimensions. The food that is offered is endless, with not a hamburger or hotdog in sight, most of the proffered items being either Asian or South American. However, in front of a Portuguese restaurant they grill sardines on a charcoal grill. Musician magically appear, their music enlivening the area. The variety of the music is amazing. As one walks along the avenues, and the notes of one musician die away, the rhythms of another appears, to the delight of youngsters and adults alike. The market presents a kaleidoscope of endless colour and sound.

DSCN7361  DSCN7360

                   People on Augusta Avenue enjoying the street scene

DSCN7381  DSCN7370

Characters available to have your picture taken with (no request for a fee was in evidence)

DSCN7378  DSCN7379

                            Grilling sardines –  Portuguese style

DSCN7363  DSCN7369

       Giant sidewalk scrabble board                           Letter writing activity

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