Exploring the past life of Pizza Pizza building at Dundas and Church Streets


In 1900, the “Pizza Pizza” outlet at 260 Church Street, on the southwest corner of Jarvis and Church Streets, was the site of the home of J. Stewart, a painter by trade. In 1915 the “Sterling Bank” purchased the property. The home was demolished and the bank built a classical-style structure in which it operated one of its branches until the year 1926.

In 1927, the “Standard Bank” moved into the building, but they were unable to sustain the business after the stock market crash of 1929, which ushered in the Great Depression. They relinquished the property in 1930, and the Canadian Bank of Commerce took over the premises.

Today, despite the yellow tiles and large orange signage that hide the first-floor facade of the old bank building, the words “The Sterling Bank of Canada” remain visible above the windows of the second floor. It is a pity that the classical architecture of the structure is now hidden from view. Its Corinthian pilasters and ornate trim cannot be seen unless the building is viewed from a distance. However, at least the building survives, a testament to one of the most prosperous decade in the life of Toronto.



                          The east facade of the building. 


The ornate trim on the east facade of the building at 260 Church St.

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