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While strolling along King Street, between Bay and Yonge Streets, on the north side of the street I saw two historic plaques that I had not noticed before. Being a sucker for any historic plaque, I investigated and was surprised to learn that one of them was an historic plaque commemorating the other historic plaque. The pictures below will clarify.


This plaque, placed on the building in 1969 recognized the importance of an event that occurred in 1923. It was the first plaque ever installed by the Toronto Historical Board. When the building on which it had been placed was demolished, the plaque was removed and installed on the new building that had been constructed.


Another plaque was placed beside the old one to commemorate the installation of the first plaque.

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Rob Ford in butter rather than the proverbial “hot water.”

                 DSCN9128---Copy_thumb_thumb_thumb DSCN9134---Copy_thumb_thumb_thumb

                  The closing of the two lanes on Yonge Street, August 2012.

                   DSCN8582_thumb_thumb_thumb DSCN8592_thumb_thumb_thumb

Bulwer Street – a street near Queen and Spadina that has disappeared yet remains in view.

                 DSCN8926_thumb_thumb_thumb DSCN8927_thumb_thumb_thumb

New up-scale meat market opens on Baldwin Street in Toronto’s Kensington Market – Sanagan’s Meat Locker

                                   DSCN6724_thumb_thumb_thumb DSCN8388_thumb2_thumb_thumb

St. Mary’s Church at Adelaide and Bathurst Streets being uncovered from scaffolding for renovations.

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