Mystery of the hulking structure at Richmond and Peter Streets is solved


The structure on the northwest corner of Peter and Richmond Streets

The hulking shell of a building on the northwest corner of Peter and Richmond Streets was once the site of the George Weston Bakery. It has been under construction for a considerable length of time. The interior of the structure has been gutted, only the facades remaining. This building is on a site that has a long history. To view the post about the history of this location and the George Weston Bakery, follow the link: 

DSCN7898  DSCN7899

                  Views of the interior of the gutted structure


Artist’s drawing of the “Queen Richmond Centre West” that will be built above the old George Weston Bakery. This view shows Richmond Street at the bottom of the picture. The street on the right is Peter Street, which leads to Queen Street West.


This conceptual drawing reveals how the new structure will be constructed above the old George Weston Bakery.


This drawing shows the entranceway that will appear on Richmond Street, between the “Queen Richmond Centre West,” and the historic warehouse to the west of it.

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