Sometimes social media amazes me!

I have been placing posts on this blog since 2011, its purpose being to create an interest in preserving Toronto’s past. Although I have had many hits on my blog, I receive very few replies or comments. However, there are days when the feedback I receive amazes me. This is one of those days.

I have been writing about the old movie houses of Toronto, and sharing photos of them, mostly from my personal collection and the Toronto Archives. This morning I received a comment that provided me with information that I consider invaluable about the old Orpheum Theatre on Queen St, west of Bathurst. The person’s family was directly involved with the theatre and provided names and data that only he was in a position to provide. Moments such as these make the time that I spend on my blog worthwhile. A few weeks ago, I also was contacted by a person who had written an article on the Lux Burlesque house (the old Bellevue Theatre). Again, his information was terrific.

I wish to write a book a book about the old theatres, and it is the personal information that others provide that will add so much to the book. I placed a plea for information about movie theatres of old on Facebook. To my amazement, a friend saw it and passed on the name of a person who has been involved with these old theatres for many years. He has much data and is willing to share it.  

I am very grateful to the people have have taken the time to contact me. If you know anyone who has photos or information on the old movie theatres that they are willing to share, please encourage them to read this post.

Doug Taylor

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