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“Toronto Then and Now,” published by Pavilion Press (London, England), is a coffee-table style book that explores 75 heritage sites in Toronto and illustrates how they have changed throughout the decades. The photos are large, many occupying a full page, and because they are opposite each other, comparisons are easier and more dramatic than in other formats. Each photo is accompanied by a brief text that informs readers of the history of the sites, and includes interesting anecdotes. Most of the archival photos are from the Toronto Archives, and the modern photos were taken by Karl Mondon.

Below are a few of the heritage sites that are featured in the book by Doug Taylor.

4F. . Sept. 1, 1927 Trillium, s0071_it5215[1]    04_Trillium_2935

(Left) Toronto ferry the Trillium in 1934, and (right), the Trillium in 2015. 

6. f0124_fl0003_id0015[1]  06_Terminal_Warehouse_2025

(left) The Terminal Warehouse at Queen’s Quay in 1973, and (right), Queen’s Quay Terminal in 2015

2. entrance to Fort on April 10, 1909  f1548_s0393_it1737[1]    02_Fort_York_1987

(left) The east gate of Fort York in 1909 and (right), the same view of the fort in 2015.

10B. 1927-- s0071_it5795[1]   10_Princes_Gate_1913

         The CNE Princes’ Gates in 1929 and (right), the gates in 2015.

                Fonds 1526, File 47, Item 3   14_CN_Tower_2105

View of the CN Tower, gazing west on Front Street in 1973, and (right,) the same view of the tower in 2015.

72. April 24, 1924. f1231_it0349[1]   DSCN3055

(left) The Church of the Redeemer at Bloor St. and Avenue Rd. in 1924, and (right), the same view in 2015. 

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                        Toronto: Then and Now®

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Other books by the author of this blog

Toronto’s Theatres and the Golden Age of the Silver Screen,” explores 50 of Toronto’s old theatres and contains over 80 archival photographs of the facades, marquees and interiors of the theatres. It relates anecdotes and stories by the author and others who experienced these grand old movie houses.  


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Book also available in Chapter/Indigo, the Bell Lightbox and AGO Book Shops, and by phoning University of Toronto Press, Distribution: 416-667-7791 (ISBN 978.1.62619.450.2)


Another book on theatres, published by Dundurn Press, is entitled, “Toronto’s Movie Theatres of Yesteryear—Brought Back to Thrill You Again.” It contains 75 theatres, accompanied by over 125 archival photographs. The text relates interesting anecdotes about these grand old movie houses and their tells about their fascinating histories.

The book is available at local book stores throughout Toronto or for a link to order this book:

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