Toronto’s best street food is from a mobile pizza oven

Today I had pizza from a mobile oven located on the northeast corner of Spadina and King Streets. They would offer the pizza at this location every Tuesday between about 11 am and 6 pm. The wood-burning oven bakes the pizza employing the old-fashioned method of Naples. The Neapolitan-style crust is light, with a texture that is heavenly. Three choices of pizza are offered, and they change the varieties each week. Each pizza is made to order, and it requires only 90 seconds to bake as the oven has a heat of 700 degrees. The patio at “Fresh and Wild” is perfect for sitting to devour the pizza. The corner is noisy, but not so much as to detract from the experience. Beside, the street scene is fascinating.

In the cold months, they plan to erect a three-sided tent around the area where the oven is located, using the oven to provide heat for comfort. For further information, the owner’s web site is [email protected]

I live in this area, and consider the mobile oven and interesting addition to my neighbourhood. As I ate the delicious treat, I listened to the saxophone player on the southwest corner. Summer glorious summer. Who would ever have thought that the corner of Spadina and King would become so fascinating.

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My interest in this mobile pizza oven is partly generated by it being in my neighbourhood. However, because I place posts on my blog about the historic buildings in this area, I find it interesting to see new ideas for food blending in among the old buildings.

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