Two new shops to open in the Kensington Market


          The Global Cheese Shop on Kensington Avenue in the Kensington Avenue

Kensington is an ever-changing scene. For many months now, renovations have been in progress at the Global Cheese Shop on Kensington Avenue. This week (September 2012) I passed by the shop and chatted with one of the workmen. He informed me that within a few weeks, the store will once again be serving customers. The wonderful and vast varieties of cheeses will again be available to those who shop at the Kensington Market.

DSCN8167   DSCN8168

The interior of the Global Cheese Shop as it is readied to open again to the public after many months of renovations 

Another recent change in the Market in the last few months is the opening of Sanagan’s Meat Locker on Baldwin Street. The previous location of this store was further west on the same street, where the meat market Max and Son had been located for several decades.


                  Sanagan’s Meat Locker on Baldwin Street near Kensington Avenue.

DSCN8931     DSCN8174

The previous location of Sanagan’s Meat Locker at 206 Baldwin Street (left). The old sign in the upper left-hand corner from Max and Son Meat Market remains visible. The right-hand picture is the same shop in September of 2012, as the shop undergoes renovations. 

I previously published a post lamenting the loss of the European Meat Store that was a fixture on Baldwin Street for so many years. To view this post follow the link:

To view a post on the opening of the Sanagan’s Meat Market on Baldwin Street.

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