The historic house opposite Trinity Bellwoods Park


I have written numerous post about Toronto during the previous twelve months. However, the one that I learned the most from my research was the historic house on the south side of Queen Street, opposite Trinity Bellwoods Park. I have walked by this structure for the past ten years, wondered about it, but never knew who built it. Judging from its architecture, I was aware that it dated from the mid-nineteenth century, or possibly earlier. Its design is similar to The Grange behind the AGO, and the Campbell House at the corner of Queen and University Avenue. Both of these houses date from the early 1800s.

After completing my research, I discovered that not only was the house historically significant, but also the site where it is located. I discovered many interesting things about Toronto‚Äôs past that I had not previously known. When, I now stroll past this house, I look at it with new eyes. 

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