Graffiti about Rob Ford is highly disturbing

185 Augusta 3

This mural on the wall at 185 Augusta Avenue is one of the few graffiti items that I can show on this posting.  The other items I have seen, on walls, fences and in washrooms are too crude to display. I have lived in Toronto all my life, and love the city. I have never witnessed this type of reaction before. Whether you are a Ford supporter or opposed to him, is not the point. I find it very disturbing that the office of the mayor is being subjected to such disrespect. Many may feel that Mayor Ford has brought the ridicule on himself by his own actions. Whether you agree with this or not, again, it is not the point.

When a democratically elected leader is subjected to this type of scorn, it brings into question the validity of the important political position that he holds. Many people read about his most recent escapades as if he were a comedian on TV or on stage in a club. Of the three levels of government, City Hall influences our lives the most. When he is speaking as mayor, he is not simply “one of the boys,” having a beer, shooting the breeze, and saying whatever pops into his head. What he says and does is extremely important. The eyes of the media are on him, and his words are repeated in newspapers throughout the country and far beyond.

The damage the graffiti and media coverage that Ford creates engenders the attitude that the office of the mayor is not to be taken seriously, so why bother voting ?  

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