Experience autumn scenes in the Bloor West Village

In 2011, I was not in Canada for the autumn season. I never realized how much I would miss its delights. I vowed that I would never again depart from Canada during September and October. They are glorious months, with warm afternoons and pleasantly cool evening. I realize that there are also rainy, damp miserable days. However, on afternoons when sunshine filters through the golden leaves on Toronto’s forested streets, I feel more than compensated for the dreary days that the season presents.

On 25 October 2012, the season presented one of those perfect sun-filled days. The afternoon temperatures hit 23 degrees. Early in the morning, I departed from downtown Toronto, where I reside. I rode the subway to the Bloor West Village and strolled among the residential streets north of Bloor Street. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Crunching dry leaves underfoot brought back fond memories of childhood. I recalled warm sunny October afternoons, returning from school, when I kicked chestnuts and acorns with my shoe. Autumn – glorious autumn.


                          A tree-lined street in the Bloor West Village

        DSCN9075  DSCN9073

                                    Other Bloor West Village scenes


                            A street and a small park in the Village


                   Autumn colours abound on the streets in October


                 A scene in a garden that would make an excellent oil painting

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