Toronto’s CN Tower flashes its lights to welcome in 2013


On 31 December 2012, when the ten-second count-down began prior to midnight, the CN Tower flashed ten consecutive beams of bright light that shot from its base up to the tip of the antennae, to indicate the the passing of the final seconds of 2012. When midnight arrived, the tower reverted to the yuletide colours that it has displayed during the month of December. While the TV in the background blared the noise and cheering from the crowds at City Hall, we blew noise makers from the balcony to welcome the year in our own inimitable style.

Because of the snow on the balcony, which was great, we were unable to step outside, so we opened the glass doors and made our celebratory ungodly racket from inside. It was a great New Year’s Eve. This morning, January 1st, thankfully, our neighbours are still speaking to us.

I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2013.


December 2012, a view of the terrace with the CN Tower bathed in seasonal colours

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