Amazing haunted Halloween cemetery in Toronto’s Bloor West Village

When the Halloween mood strikes, anything is possible. On 25 October 2012, I wandered the residential streets of the Bloor West Villages in search of homes decorated for the haunted evening event. I discovered many amazing displays, but the one that caught my attention the most was a mock cemetery on the lawn of 450 Durie Street . Its tongue-in-cheek grave markers were a delight to behold. The humorous puns on the tombstones may not be understood by the youngsters who will be trick or treating, but they will certainly enjoy the cemetery scene. As I stood reading the grave markers, I was joined by several adults who were passing along the street.  Everyone expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the occupants of the house for creating such a delightful Halloween scene. 


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DSCN9067  DSCN9092

DSCN9093  DSCN9095


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