Haunted Halloween scenes on the streets of Toronto’s Bloor West Village

27 Oct

Halloween displays seem more prevalent on the residential streets surrounding the downtown area than those of the inner core. Perhaps it is because there are more children in these areas. Trick or treating may also not be as popular in the inner city as so many residents live in apartment buildings and condos where children are not allowed to enter from outside the premises.

As a result, to get in the Halloween mood, I visited the Bloor West Village to photograph the displays outside the homes on the streets north of Bloor Street. It is an area where many families with young children live. Some of the decorations were quite creative. Amid the autumn colours, I regained my appreciation for the haunted season. Below are a few of the photos.


        A residential street in the Bloor West Village, 25 October 2012

DSCN9066   DSCN9065


DSCN9070   DSCN9101

DSCN9079   DSCN9108


DSCN9082   DSCN9083

DSCN9081   DSCN9113


DSCN9121  DSCN9122



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