A lament for the loss of the colourful store-fronts in the Kensington Market

Toronto’s historic Kensington Market is ever changing. This is a natural process, and occurs in every neighbour throughout the city. However, the colourful store-fronts that were unique to the market area, are now disappearing. The paintings below show three examples of this change, and one example of a store that has disappeared completely. I lament their loss.


                                            Acrylic on stretched canvas, 20” by 24”

The “My Market Bakery” on Baldwin Street has relocated, and is now several doors to the west of its former location. The new bakery lacks the colourful signage that this painting depicts. Fortunately, the new shop still sells the quality breads and pastries that has made the bakery a landmark in the market.


                                  Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24” by 20”

Akram’s shop on Baldwin Street still sells its delicious products, many of them made on the premises. However after a disastrous fire several years ago that destroyed most of the building, the new shop does not have the wonderful store front of the former store.


                           Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24” by 20”

Max and Son, a fixture on Baldwin Street for many decades, disappeared from the market in 2009, and is sadly missed. The premises were next occupied by Sanagan’s Meat Locker and in October of 2012, Hooked Fish Market opened on the site.


                              Acrylic on stretched canvas, 20” by 24

This wonderful store front has been altered, but thankfully the fish market still displays an excellent array of fresh seafood.


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For a link to a book that includes the history and a detailed study of the architecture of the Kensington Market :  https://tayloronhistory.com/the-villages-within/


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