New McCaul St. mural has traces of Diego Rivera

I do not know when the new mural on a building on McCaul Street appeared, but I noticed it for the first time this week. The building is between Stephanie and Queen Streets, a short distance south of the the OCAD University.


The mural first caught my attention because of its enormous size and the brightness of the colours. At first, I thought that the artist had not painted the mortar between the bricks, as the overall effect was that of a work created with individual tiles, like a mosaic. However, on closer examination, I discovered that this was not the case.


Instead, the artist has employed flowing lines to divide the large space into small sections, thus creating the illusion that the mural has been produced with tiles.


The portrayal of the swimmer contains traces of Diego Rivera’s work, as the figure is enormous and outlined in a dark colour. However, Diego’s figures were more free-flowing. The face contains Latino features, although I admit that this may be in my imagination. The stylized waves wash over the swimmer, and . . . 

DSCN9422  DSCN9419

                                     . . . sea creatures swim near him


Where the swimmer dived into the water, one person seems to be giving him the finger, while another holds a bottle (beer?), and another a cigarette. I wonder if the domino represents that the swim is a gamble for the swimmer. 


By contrast, where the swimmer ends his endeavour, he receives the thumbs-up and a flower, perhaps signifying congratulation. 


This is the signature at the bottom right-hand corner of the mural. I would enjoy meeting the artist and having the art work explained to me, as my comments are only supposition.

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