Clever, humorous graffiti in the Kensington Market


St. Andrew’s Poultry in the Kensington Market, with the “Cirque du Poulet” mural on its west wall (right-hand side of the photo)

St. Andrew’s Poultry at 17 St. Andrew’s Street in the Kensington Market is where I frequently purchase chicken. I find the quality of the meat excellent and the staff very friendly. I ignore most of the graffiti on the building, as graffiti is a common aspect of the market scene. However, I invariably smile when I see the mural on the west wall of the shop and stop to admire its tongue-in-cheek humour. The graffiti mural, “Cirque du Poulet,” was a project of the Cecil/Harbourfront GTA.

The next time you are in Kensington Market, take a few moments to view this humorous graffiti art.


                                           An overview of the mural

DSCN8462      DSCN8461

                George’s Bouillon                                            Mince Carter

DSCN8463   DSCN8464

                Ringmaster Coq-au-vin                           Mystique Whitefeather

DSCN8465   DSCN8466

                   Clucky Flameback                                       Chesty La Rue

The history of the site where the St. Andrew’s Poultry Shop is located

In 1856, there were only three houses on St. Andrew’s Street, and the site of #17 was a vacant lot. By 1864, there were four houses on the south side of St. Andrew’s Street, the additional home being the one on the site of #17. In the mid-1860s, a blacksmith shop occupied the property. Today, a modern building has been built on the location.  The colourful characters on the mural remind visitors of the eclectic mixture of individuals who stroll the market today, especially “Chesty LaRue.”

For information on a book that includes a detailed study of the Kensington Market, see the Home Page for this blog:  The book is entitled “The Villages Within,” and was nominated for the Toronto heritage Awards.

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