New graffiti mural by Uber5000 on Dennison Avenue

74 den. Ave.

This mural is on the north wall of the house at 74 Dennison Avenue. It is obviously a commissioned work, or at least the owner of the home gave permission for it to be painted. A laneway is to the north of the home, so the graffiti art mural enlivens the scene considerably.

74 den. b   74 den c

74 Densison Aven

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Graffiti in a laneway amid the colours of autumn

A mural in the Kensington Market, with tongue-in-cheek humour:

In July of 2011, I placed a post on this blog about the abstract expressionists. At that time, there was an exhibition of their work at the AGO. I received comments from readers who strongly disagreed with the post. Their opinions were indeed valid, but the ideas expressed in the post may also have validity. To view this post:

In August of 2012 I placed another post in which I compared the work of the graffiti artist Uber5000 to the abstract expressionists. This too became a controversial post.

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