A popcorn man in Toronto during Christmas 2012

During the early years of the 20th century, there were no bridges over the railway tracks that crossed Yonge and Bay Streets. During the summer months, many pedestrians frequently crossed these roadways to reach the ferry docks on the waterfront to board a ferry to cross to the Toronto Islands. It was an ideal place for vendors to sell popcorn and peanuts as the people were often trapped for five or ten minutes while a lengthy freight train trundled along the level crossings. When bridges finally spanned these streets, people no longer were forced to wait for the trains to pass. The vendors dispersed throughout the downtown area, sometimes peddling their treats at downtown street-corners and along residential avenues. 


The above picture of a popcorn man was taken in 1965 on the west side of Yonge Street, a short distance north of Queen Street. I do not remember when he disappeared from the streets, but I have not encountered him for many years. I suppose that with the opening of the Eaton Centre, where there are gourmet popcorn shops, his business was no longer profitable. I was very surprised to see a popcorn this year (2012) on the southwest corner of Yonge and Dundas, across from Dundas Square.  The pictures below were taken on a mild evening in December. The sight of the vendor brought back fond memories of yesteryear.



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One thought on “A popcorn man in Toronto during Christmas 2012

  1. Love the photos of the “popcorn man”! I remember them from the mid-late 50s my Oma’s house on Bellwoods Avenue, just one block over from Gore Vale Park. It was always a treat to get a little bag of popcorn for probably a nickel. I loved the smell of the roasting nuts and hot butter that went over the popcorn.
    Thanks for the memory.

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