Photos with Eaton’s Santa Claus in 1941 and 1944

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The left-hand picture of my brother and me with Santa was taken in 1941, in Toyland, on the fifth floor of the old Eaton’s Store at Queen and Yonge Streets. In the background is my mother, wearing a style of hat that was popular during the war years. The right-hand picture is of Santa and me in 1943, also taken in Eaton’s Toyland.

After the Eaton Centre was built, for many years, at the south entrance to the Eaton’s Store (now Sears), there was a large display that contained Santa’s Castle and an impressive throne where Santa held court. Children had their pictures taken with the jolly old man. This year (2012), there is no longer a Santa Claus in the Eaton Centre itself. However, a Santa can be found at the Dundas Street entrance to Sears, and also in the basement of the Bay Store. At first, I lamented that the Santa in the mall had disappeared, but then, I realized that it was a return to the old days.

When I was a child, the main centre for Christmas shopping was intersection at Queen and Yonge as that was where the  Eaton’s and Simpson’s Stores were located. This was prior to the advent of the many shopping malls that now encircle the city. In those days, each store maintained their own Santa Claus. My parents always told my brother and me that the real Santa was in Eaton’s, as he was the one that was in the Santa Claus Parade. The Santa in Simpson’s, she informed us, was merely a helper.  Of course, the real reason was that she preferred to shop at Eaton’s.

The Simpson’s Store is now the Bay, and the old Eaton’s Store was demolished when they built the Eaton Centre. However, it is good to see that the modern stores continue to maintain a Santa Claus where children can have their pictures taken with old St. Nick.

Merry Christmas!

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One thought on “Photos with Eaton’s Santa Claus in 1941 and 1944

  1. Great memories, I remember after the Santa Claus parade my dad would take me to Sears or Eaton’s to visit Santa. Eaton’s I believe had a train ride something like a winter wonderland a smaller version of Disney’s Small World. They also at Sear’s had a fish pond where everyone always received a prize, I don’t think these were free and probably cost ten cents or more? The windows were MAGICAL always a candy cane and Punkinhead coloring book from Santa, Christmas in the 40’s to a seven year old truly was carefree and magical and not the commercialization of today! Going through this site indeed brings back memories!

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