Toronto’s Eaton Centre Xmas decorations at night in 2012


The Christmas decorations at the Eaton Centre become truly magical at night, when the skylights in the Galleria cease to reflect the light from outdoors, closing the mall against the outside world. I saw parents taking wide-eyed children by the hand, walking under the magnificent sculptures, and pointing up at the reindeers’ bellies. Others were standing still to stare at the colourful displays, too overcome to speak. I believe that the adults were enjoying the experience as much as the children. In future years, the children will treasure the memories of their visits to downtown Toronto in 2012, at Christmas, as much as those of us who are older cherish our memories of similar events – Santa at Eaton’s and Simpson’s, Toyland, The Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade, the Simpson’s windows, lights at City Hall, and the strings of lights on Yonge Street. Christmas is a time to create memories and recall pleasant times of the yuletide season from our past.

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