A Torontonian viewing Mexican mural art (post #2)

26 Jan

Living in downtown Toronto, I have become very conscious of graffiti mural art and graffiti in general. In Puerto Vallarta, a well-known restaurant, “Cafe des Artistes”,  has painted the building that houses it with brightly painted mural art. It has attracted much attention from the locals and tourists alike.


                                 The Cafe des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta

DSCN8590   DSCN8593



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Uber5000 painting a building in Graffiti Alley

New commissioned mural by Uber5000 at 74 Denison Avenue

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Black and white graffiti in Kensington Market is unique

McDougall Lane has a new graffiti display (Nov. 2012)

The graffiti-decorated “hug-me-tree” on Queen Street West.

Graffiti in a laneway amid the colours of autumn

A mural in the Kensington Market, with tongue-in-cheek humour:

In July of 2011, I placed a post on this blog about the abstract expressionists. At that time, there was an exhibition of their work at the AGO. I received comments from readers who strongly disagreed with the post. Their opinions were indeed valid, but the ideas expressed in the post may also have validity. To view this post:

In August of 2012 I placed another post in which I compared the work of the graffiti artist Uber5000 to the abstract expressionists. This too became a controversial post.

To view the Home Page for this blog:

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